• Image: London Spring Party 2015
  • Image: London Spring Party 2015

Having been described by one guest (not a member of staff, we promise) as being


Splendidly organised and well thought out




it is safe to say that the party was a great success!

An excellent turnout meant that the beautiful venue of 21 Gloucester Place did not go to waste. There was a great cross section of important clients and contacts from across the industry, with plenty of time for people to talk – hopefully about business!

There was a lively buzz permeating throughout the building, with time taken by Gordon Montague to explain the project and the work which had gone into creating such incredible surroundings. The tours provided guests with an understanding of the history and the design processes involved for the project.

We do hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and had a lovely evening.

We would like to thank The Portman Estate for so generously allowing us to use their building.

For those of you who did not see here are the slide show presentations that were shown on the night.