• Image: Lord Foster & Philip Bodie

As part of the University of East Anglia's 50th anniversary celebrations, Lord Foster gave the 2013 Robert Sainsbury lecture 8th October.

The auditorium had been sold out almost immediately prompting the University organisers to open up other lecture theatres around the campus fed with video live links.

Hosted by the Vice Chancellor and Lord Sainsbury, Lord Foster's lecture was titled 'Influences'. He spoke at length on the aspects of his life that shaped his thinking and led to his love of Architecture. He spoke about his early interest in engineering and experiences when starting out at the Manchester Town Hall through to his meeting the then Lord and Lady Sainsbury and his subsequent commission for the Sainsbury Centre in the late 1970s.

He then discussed how his thinking at the Sainsbury Centre heavily influenced many of his later buildings including the airports at Stansted, Hong Kong and Beijing.

As a close, Lord Foster ran a video only very recently presented to Apple illustrating his vision for their striking new Cupertino headquarters.

Attending the lecture was Norwich based Feilden+Mawson Partner and current President of the Norfolk Association of Architects, Philip Bodie.

Following the event Philip had the chance to meet Lord Foster. Philip enjoyed asking if he remembered giving the key-note lecture at a student festival Philip took part in 1986 where only 20 students turned up. Lord Foster's lecture was subsequently given in the college grounds with him sitting on a park bench and the students cross legged on the grass in front of him.

He didn't!