• Image: 15 Montagu Place

15 Montagu Place

As the building is located within a conservation area, with strict guidelines for acceptable development, it was mandatory that the 130m2 extension, from the outside, looked as though it had always been there. Using this familiarity as a starting point, the interior of the extension was conceived as the antithesis of a Georgian building, fully embracing modern and contemporary design.

The concept was driven by the idea of cutting a shaft of light into the middle of the building and terminating the linear roof aperture with a hidden outdoor room. These cuts were placed to wash the walls of a spine corridor with light, to increase the sense of height upwards and to visually open the addition to the sky.

The play on height was also embellished by the use of floor-to-ceiling doors, a limited material palette, by expressing the mansard shape within rooms to create soaring ceilings and articulating the vertical elements with careful detailing.

The addition, cloaked externally in traditional a lead roof, brickwork and slates, is part supported by a floating steel deck above an existing retained roof to allow for services to be brought into the new build area. Innovatively, these run vertically up the front of the building from street level, within a rain water pipe, in response to the historic setting.