• Image: Alderman Blaxill
  • Image: Alderman Blaxill

Alderman Blaxill Secondary School

Our philosophy for this 6FE secondary school was to create flexibly enriched spaces whilst still providing school specific delivery requirements; this is based around the providing an appropriate solution and levels of interaction between staff and pupils throughout the use of the school buildings.

Accommodation levels were derived from the building bulletins and tender documentation and placed into clearly identifiable blocks. Our design suggested how space can be used along with how organisational modes within blocks and circulation is achieved whilst providing passive surveillance by allowing staff work rooms to be positioned within teaching locations.

Our design provided the key adjacencies to meet the demands of the employer’s requirements, where spaces such as the hall, performance and dining suites are all located close to the main entrance, providing further opportunities for the building to be used by the community for local income through simple design and access strategies.

Our focus provides a look into how the building can be organised with departmental organisations modes such as providing the general teaching classrooms all located in one block split over three floors. Specialist teaching spaces are grouped into blocks to give a strong identity.

We strategically designed spaces which create a range of zones for learning opportunities, such as the ‘hub’ of the school designed through the open plan library, ICT and dining. This helps promote the natural split between the schools curriculum spaces and potential community spaces such as the sports hall. We have located the sports hall and changing rooms provides the strategic links towards the rear of the site on to the school playing fields and maximises the building structures to reduce noise break out from the sports hall and adjacent hard standing areas.