• Image: Dobris Square
  • Image: Dobris Square at night
  • Image: Dobris Square

Mirove Square in Dobris – Phase 1

Mirove Square is the main public square in Dobris and although at the heart of the town, it is partly dominated by heavy traffic. Feilden+Mawson won the public design competition in 2007 with the concept of the whole urban area of Mirove Square which gradually evolved to an urban-transport vision for the wider town centre. Phase 1, which was completed in 2012, is part of the overall project.

Mirove Square is the social, commercial, administrative, cultural and spiritual heart of the city. Our aim was to develop the potential of the town centre as a desired place to stay, a kind of urban "living room", with the balance of its functional components. A key tool to a successful solution was the optimisation of transport and reducing the negative impact of traffic.

The priority has been given to pedestrian access. The proposal follows important pedestrian routes and connections in the area. Unified height level of surfaces and the introduction of traffic zones allow free movement for pedestrians. The area of pavement surfaces has been greatly increased.

The whole concept was emphasized by architectural selection of pavement surfaces and materials. Important buildings are highlighted by different paving with yellow-gray granite . Both sides of the square are symbolically linked with thin field lines. The main body communication is paved with gray granite blocks from a nearby quarry. The same material, but in a smaller dimension, is also used on sidewalk surfaces. The concept of greenery will add value for future generations.

The square is fitted with contemporary urban furniture of steel combined with durable wood. A completely new concept of lighting allows for setting of lower lamps which corresponds to the scale of the surrounding buildings. Direct lights are proposed to brighten the lower part of the adjacent buildings which clearly defines the organic shape of Mirove Square at night.