Happy International Museum Day! Today, we acknowledge the important role museums play in preserving and sharing out cultural heritage. At Feilden+Mawson, we are proud to contribute to this mission through our work in architectural conservation and adaptive reuse.  The Mo, Sherin

The Church’s new home on Heartsease Lane is on the site where their original church had been destroyed by fire in 2006, and provides a 1200 Seat Auditorium, Nursery, Cafeteria, second Auditorium, and food bank, all accessed from a main internal street. This excellent

HRH was proudly accompanied by Jon & Chantel around the new facilities, including the auditorium and Chapel, focusing on the faith and history of the Church. The new Nursery, Café, Play Barn and Social Supermarket were also visited before the Duke of Gloucester’s depa

Feilden+Mawson have carried out these works as Pro-bono to support the homelessness crisis. In April 2020 The Hill Group launched The Haus Collection: innovative, purpose-built, and low-cost modular homes. The SoloHaus home is delivered fully furnished, equipped + ready to m