Life of a Project: RWNGC

Feilden+Mawson was appointed by the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club to improve and modernise their existing clubhouse whilst retaining the unique historic character of the original building. Providing spectacular views over the North-Norfolk Coast at Brancaster and the links golf course itself, the main clubhouse was built in 1892 in the Arts and Crafts style. The client’s priority was to provide a clubhouse which meets the needs of the existing membership now and in the future.

Built in the distinctive Brancaster vernacular, the new extensions retain the character of the original building, including decorative arches and the same local Norfolk Carr-Stone, giving unity and solidarity. Welcoming and accessible, new changing and locker rooms incorporate accessible provisions, while golfing functions are supported by improved back of house facilities. This includes a larger kitchen, servery area and office space to support the efficient running of the club.

A thoughtful and considered approach to the design process and a thorough appreciation of the historic original building were key to providing the Club with its new home. Upgraded and enhanced facilities give the building a new lease of life while it’s much-loved, worn-in character remains to be enjoyed by future generations.