World Sustainable Earth Day

 In honour of World Sustainable Energy Day, we are looking at our project at Feilden House and how sustainable energy is used throughout.

Our Norwich home, whose refurbishment completed last year, incorporates underfloor heating and hot water driven by an Air-Source Heat pump, to minimise associated electricity usage and maximise user thermal comfort.
The office also has mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, to capture lost heat from the internal spaces while providing exemplary air quality; typical low-flow sanitary fittings; LED lighting throughout; and top of the range triple-glazing with solar control coating to manage heat loss, glare and daylighting.

All of these considerations contribute to a better internal environment, lower embodied carbon, lower VOCs and a less polluting supply chain. Alongside incorporating sustainability into so many of our projects, we are proud to have the home of Feilden+Mawson include sustainability at its heart.