History of 1 Ferry Road

In the late 1960s, Feilden+Mawson embarked on a remarkable journey, to transform 1 Ferry Road into a visionary workspace. The space was not just an office, it was a canvas where creativity and architecture intertwined, fostering the practice’s unique spirit and approach.

Designed by Michael Rose and led by Bernard Feilden, the building encouraged a “free thinking and practical approach” allowing for expansion and modernisation as required. The architects understood that a workspace should inspire innovation and collaboration.  The building’s three main floors were each arranged around a central circulation area, connected by a stair tower serving all four floors, with various facilities, large meetings rooms and a spacious library.

Many of the design choices stood the test of time to present day, including the innovative waffle slab ceiling and beam placement, giving freedom for modular redesign throughout the space. Every aspect of the design was tailored to F+M’s requirements, even down to the windows being the perfect height to cast natural light onto the drawing boards throughout the studio.

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